The New York School of Poetry. Anthology (Spanish version)

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Author: Various authors

Publisher: Alba Poética

ISBN: 9788490656457

Binding: paperback

Pages: 568

Format: 14x19,5cm

Language: Spanish

Year: 2020

Between the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties New York displaced Paris and London as the cultural capital of the world: fairy-tale city, scene of thousands of films, refuge of talent, place of pilgrimage of millions of aspirants, broth where ideas, budgets, and the most innovative artistic tendencies boiled. Cinemas, museums, bookstores, exhibition halls, theaters... Everything converged on the fabulous island of Manhattan. And poetry was not going to be less.

Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Barbara Guest and James Schuyler constituted a school of open poetry, without dogmas or manifestos, based on the affinity of characters, and a taste for play, surprise, unrestrained imagination and tireless inventiveness. It can be said that after Frank O'Hara's walks through New York, John Ashbery's elusive mental landscapes, Koch's slyness, Barbara Guest's broken elegance and Schuyler's hallucinations... poetry has never been the same. We present an extensive anthology of poems refractory to solemnity and transcendence, devoted to formal innovation, elegance and humor. Because in Ashbery's words: "There was nothing left to say, but we had to say it somehow".

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Reference: FE20531

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