La utilidad de lo inútil

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By: Nuccio Ordine
Published by: Acantilado
ISBN: 9788415689928
Softcover. 176 pages. 12,5 x 19 cm
Language: Spanish

The oxymoron evoked by the title The usefulness of the useless deserves a clarification. The paradoxical usefulness to which I refer is not the same as that in whose name humanistic knowledge and, more generally, all knowledge that does not produce benefits, is considered useless. In a very different and much broader sense, I wanted to put at the centre of my reflections the idea of the usefulness of those pieces of knowledge whose essential value is completely alien to any utilitarian purpose. ...] If we let the gratuitous die, if we renounce the generating force of the useless, if we listen only to the deadly song of sirens that impels us to pursue profit, we will only be capable of producing a sick and memoryless community that, lost, will end up losing the meaning of itself and of life. And at that moment, when the desertification of the spirit has already exhausted us, it will be truly difficult to imagine that the ignorant homo sapiens can still play a role in the task of making humanity more human.

Reference: FE11969

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