La vía del creativo

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By: Guillaume Lamarre

Published by: Gustavo Gili

ISBN: 978-3-8365-2573-2

Softcover. 200 pages. 15 x 21 cm

Language: Spanish 

When Steve Jobs faces an important decision, he would go for a walk. At Pixar they have established braintrust as a fundamental principle. Murakami approaches writing in an organized and methodical way, like an athlete. The Beatles decided to invent a parallel band, fictional and chaotic, to avoid stagnation ... The creative spirit can be released in infinite ways and this book reveals the secrets of some of them.

Illuminating pills of wisdom, combined with the example of several success stories and a series of small challenges, will help you walk your own growth path as a creative. Inspired by the mythical Hagakure of samurai, Lamarre collects 30 inspiring maxims from the great creatives of our time and exposes 30 katas or exercises to free you from all that hinders your creativity.

A method to turn creativity into a way of life


Reference: FE17505

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