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Spanish Paintings. The Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

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Inglés. Rústica. 200 págs. Color. 20 x 26,9 cm.

Editora: Eva Nyerges
ISBN: 9789637063473

The Spanish collection of the Museum of Fine Arts is one of Europe’s finest, with paintings from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century, the core of which was acquired by Prince Miklós Esterházy. The catalogue features a study on the history of the collection and analyses of works. “In the meantime, the Spanish Collection has been increased by several splendid medieval and Baroque paintings, which in itself justifies the enlarged edition of this book. This publication present its readerswitha comprehensive guide to the Spanish Collection which even contains information about pictures preserved in the storerooms. This volume of Old Spanish Paintings introduces a somewhat renewed design of the entire series, which we believe is better suited to the museum’s high quality material of a European standard.

Referencia: FE15734

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